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The First Karma Yoga Academy in the Middle East

Started in 2013, Karma Guru Academy have touched and changed the lives of thousands in Amman, Jordan


For Seekers of Change…

Karma Yoga comes as a lifestyle approach that supports empowering and transforming people’s physical health & emotional wellbeing while altering the lives of those around them.

Private Sessions

One on one free consultation sessions, or a private therapy session with advanced karma yoga practitioners.

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Weekly Meditations & Practice Sessions

Weekly practice & meditation sessions to advance in your journey of improving your life, your family relationships, career and financial situation.

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Karma Yoga Courses

Karma Yoga classes tackling every aspect of one’s life; whether was it health, relationships or wealth, Karma Yoga is the secret to a graceful mindful life.

Karma Retreats

Where the magic happens! Karma Retreats are considered a life changing event where a person find their real identity and calling.

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Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul & His Son Sumeet Kaul

Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul dedicate their lives as mentors who bring permanent positive transformation in themselves and students in all areas of life.

Family relationships

Karma Yoga transforms family mechanisms into mindful joy, love & understanding.

Karma Yogis

Karma Gurus teach their student the essence of meditation and the secrets of Karma.

Wealth & Abundance

Through Karma Yoga, abundance is a must as everybody deserves to be wealthy and worthy of abundance.

On A Mission

Karma Guru Academy aspires to achieve the goal of 1 billion Karma Yogis to transform life on earth as we know it.

Upcoming Courses

Karma Yoga Healing 1

Get initiated to the Knowledge of Karma and to the tehcnique in which you are able to resolve any issue in your life.

Karma Yoga Healing 2

Going deeper into the Knowledge of Karma introducing the stages of consciousness, and the principles on which Karma Yoga is built upon.

Wealth Consciousness

Understand what are the dynamics driving wealth into your life, and heal, modify and amplify them accordingly to your desires.

Ancestral Defects & Family Unconscious

This powerful course by Karma Guru is a breakthrough in health, wealth & relationship patterns that have been passed over generations, without a resolution.

Healing Depression & Defeat

Every family has a collective unconscious field. learn the dynamics of how to tap into this field and affect it directly.

Raising Mindful Generations

Depression is a tendency to escape or run away from life, this course is focused on resolving this issue completely.

I used to suffer from high blood pressure and Stomach pain. Since I took the courses, till this very moment, I stopped taking any of them due to the healing that was done for my body, soul, mind and my karma

Abeer aldaoud

Amman, Jordan

One week before attending the 3-day Level 1 classes, I had my cholesterol level tested and it was 220 and this is considered high for my age. Then after going through few group healing and meditation sessions with Mr. Sumeet, I did my blood test again and the level of cholesterol went down to 134 which is very normal. I was fasting for 12 hours before the both the tests and the result was a surprise for me and the doctor as the change happened within 1 week! 


Dubai, UAE

I feel more peaceful and I am more focused, balanced and grounded. I know where I have to go in this life. I have a higher level of mental clarity and I feel happier. By practicing this teaching I resolved a lot of grief, sorrow, anger, fear an unforgivness.

Sofia Venus


Transform your life with Karma Yoga!

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